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Episode 20: Steve Turton on Climate Change in the Wet Tropics

Natural climate change is a process that happens over thousands of years but the accelerated rate that is currently happening is caused by human impacts. In this podcast we talk to Professor Steve Turton, a climate change expert and Chair of Wet Tropics Waterways about the potential changes we should expect in the Wet Tropics and what we can do to prepare for climate change.
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Episode 19: Suzette Argent on Bioreactor Trials in the Wet Tropics

Bioreactors are being trialled for the first time in the Wet Tropics as a way to remove excess nitrogen from water running off farm paddocks into waterways. Suzette Argent, Catchment Repair Officer, explains how they system works and what the early indications are about how effective they might be.
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Episode 18: Fiona Barron Talks About Paddock to Reef

The Paddock to Reef Integrated Monitoring, Modelling and Reporting program (P2R) is tracking our progress towards Australia's Reef 2050 targets. Fiona Barron, P2R Coordinator for the Wet Tropics, talks about the process of monitoring an ecosystem the size of Italy and what it means for our region.
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