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Season 3 Episode 6: Environmental Responsibility in the Shipping Lane

Ports North is responsible for the development and management of the 9 far norther Ports. Manager of Sustainability and External Policy, Paul Doyle, joins the podcast to talk about port operations in the Wet Tropics, the Cairns shipping dredging project, and recent work on their environmental sustainability strategy.
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Season 3 Episode 5: Carole Sweatman from GreenCollar

Reef Credits is a new, voluntary environmental market scheme that shakes up the notion that responsibility for paying for environmental improvements rests solely with the government. Carole Sweatman, Manager for Water at GreenCollar explains how Reef Credits pays landholders for on-farm actions that improve water quality.
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Season 3 Episode 4: Cathy Retter from Kuranda Envirocare

Frogs need healthy waterways to thrive just as much as fish. Cathy Retter, President of Kuranda Envirocare, is part of the recovery team that is committed to saving the threatened Kuranda Tree Frog. In this podcast she talks about the conservation group's history and the importance of looking after our waterways and the creatures that depend on them.
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