The inshore marine health of the Wet Tropics is assessed on water quality, coral, seagrass, and fish. For 2018-19 the scores and grades are provided where data is available, with further development required for the fish index.

There are four inshore marine reporting zones, North, Central, South, and Palm Island.
For 2018-19 the overall inshore scores increased for all zones whilst the overall grades remained ‘moderate’.

Compared to the previous reporting period:

  • The score for the North zone increased from 54 to 60. The grade remained ‘moderate’.
  • The score for the Central zone increased from 57 to 59. The grade remained ‘moderate’.
  • The score for the South zone increased from 41 to 47. The grade remained ‘moderate’.
  • The score for the Palm Island zones has increased from 51 to 56. The grade remained ‘moderate’.

The high rainfall and river discharges that commenced in December 2018, and which followed unusually dry conditions, affected water quality in some inshore zone areas. This was most pronounced at water quality sites close to the mouths of rivers, particularly in the Central and South zones. During and after high rainfall and river discharge events these sites recorded high nutrient concentrations, which resulted in lower scores for water quality.

Inshore marine

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very poor

insufficient data

Confidence surrounding the data used in the coasters has been assessed using a multi-criteria framework.


Environmental results

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See the detailed reports for further information on the methods used to produce the scores and grades and detailed results.