Our Catchments

The Wet Tropics has nine catchments.

Walking the Landscape

The Walking the Landscape program is a systematic and scientific framework for developing a 'whole-of-landscape' understanding of a catchment to help make improved decisions about the management and restoration of ecological systems. It was developed by the Queensland Wetlands Program through the Department of Environment and Science.

The nine catchments within the Wet Tropics underwent this process during a two year project from 2016-2018 and the information is being used to help develop new projects.

More than 200 people were involved in the process of integrating existing data, maps and reports with the expert knowledge of locals. The workshops included scientists, technical experts, farmers, landholders, community groups and industry groups.

For more information on the Walking the Landscape program go to the Queensland Government Wetlands Info website.


All of the information gathered from the Walking the Landscape workshops has been captured in catchment profile storymaps that are publicly available on the Wet Tropics Plan for People & Country website.

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