International Year of the Reef Kicks Off

This year partners from across the Reef 2050 Network are working together to put the spotlight on the Great Barrier Reef and all the work being undertaken to protect its future.

The campaign is encouraging everyone to get involved by pledging to take environmental actions at home, work and home that will help minimise the effects of climate change on the Reef.

The 5 actions being promoted are:

  • Reduce electricity use — turn off power at the wall when not in use and use energy efficient appliances and LED light fittings
  • Consider using renewable energy — install solar power and hot water and purchase green power if available
  • Stop using single-use coffee cups and straws — bring your own reusable coffee cups and say no to single-use straws
  • Consider leaving your car at home — ride, walk, carpool or use public transport, and consider vehicles with improved fuel efficiency
  • Reduce use of plastic — do a waste audit to see how much plastic you’re using and where you can minimise it, for example take reusable containers for your lunch, reusable shopping bags, or purchase bulk foods.

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