Cairns Fishing Strategy Endorsed

A new fishing strategy has been developed to build and conserve fish stocks and increase opportunities for recreational fishing opportunities in the Cairns region.

In 2015 the Queensland Government introduced a commercial Net Free Zone in Trinity Inlet, which subsequently provided the impetus for several stakeholders, including recreational fishing group CAREFISH, to work together to develop the Cairns Recreational Fishing Strategy 2018-2022.

The strategy has been developed to support the vision of Cairns becoming recognized as one of the world's most diverse, dynamic and sustainable recreational fishing destinations and provides a framework for the sustainable development of recreational fishing opportunities in the region.

It includes recommendations to boost the fishing sector for both local fishers and tourists, including boosting fishing events to upgrading infrastructure and boat access.

The Strategy identifies 5 core themes, each with a strategic plan for improvement.

  1. Ecology and natural environment
  2. Fisheries development
  3. Enhancing marine infrastructure and access
  4. Marketing and promotion
  5. Business and event development

2 Responses

  1. The 'Cairns Recreational Fishing Strategy' has been instrumental in bringing various stakeholders and Cairns Council together for the benefit of the local community, environment and ecology. It provides for the first time a coherent plan for improvements for fish and fishers and brings our region into line with the other Qld commercial gill Net Free Zones that were introduced by the current state Labor Government in November 2015, being Mackay and Rockhampton. Other coastal shire councils have also been very interested in the benefits, especially as fish abundance increases noticeably which stimulates local and tourist recreational fishers and associated social and economic well being. CAREFISH is a proud partner in the WTHWP

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