Season 3 Episode 7: Report Card Results 2021

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The science is in, and the results are out! The 2021 Report Card grades the condition of the freshwater basins, estuaries and marine environments across the Wet Tropics as an action of the Reef 2050 Long-Term Sustainability Plan.

Chair Steve Turton and Executive Officer James Donaldson bring you a community update on the health of our waterways in the Wet Tropics.

Podcast Timestamps

01:30 Background – what is the Report Card, where does the data come from, and how does it all come together? Includes information on the reporting period, scores vs indicators, technical working group and peer review.

05:55 This is the first time that freshwater fish data for all basins (except Daintree) has been included. How are fish surveys conducted and how is the data analysed?

8:00 Another first is the focus on our urban footprint. The Urban Water Stewardship Program involved scoring councils' performances in the urban water stewardship space against 66 management activities. 

10:20  The results! How things are looking for this reporting period and the major patterns and changes since the previous reporting period.

11:45 Differences in reporting on condition vs reporting on progress against targets.

15:00 What is actually being done on the ground, to improve waterway health.

18:20 A peek into what’s covered in the first edition of our new environment and lifestyle magazine, Reef and Rivers, which shocases good news stories from around the region.

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