Season 3 Episode 6: Environmental Responsibility in the Shipping Lane

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Ports North is responsible for the development and management of the Ports of Cairns, Cape Flattery, Karumba, Mourilyan, Skardon River, Quintell Beach, Thursday Island, Burketown and Cooktown.

Manager of Sustainability and External Policy, Paul Doyle, joins the podcast to talk about Ports North’s operations in the Wet Tropics, the Cairns shipping dredging project, and recent work on their environmental sustainability strategy.

Podcast Timestamps

01:05 What are Ports North’s operations in the Wet Tropics and contributions to the region?

05:30 You’re a pivotal part of the tourism industry and your facilities are vital for servicing regional centres, but you’re also operating within an environmentally sensitive area – what are the environmental challenges?

10:40 We saw an improvement in seagrass in recent years in the Trinity Inlet area even though there was dredging going on.

12:20 What work have you done recently on your Environmental Sustainability Strategy?

16:10 What kinds of monitoring does Ports North do?

19:00 How can people get in touch with Ports North?


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