Season 3 Episode 5: Carole Sweatman from GreenCollar

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The Reef Credit Scheme is a new, voluntary environmental market that pays landholders for on-farm actions that improve water quality.

Carole Sweatman is the General Manager for Water at GreenCollar, a leading environmental markets investor and project developer. 

Carole joins us to talk about environmental markets, how the new Reef Credit Scheme fits in, and the unique opportunities it presents to respond to environmental challenges.

Podcast Timestamps

00:40 What exactly is an environmental market, and how can it help to tackle environmental challenges?

01:58 Whose responsibility is it to pay for environmental work, and what are the advantages to having an open market approach?

05:00 Environmental markets can bring a predictable and long term income - what impact does this have?

07:46 Reef Credits 101: Why was it the scheme created and how to does it operate?

13:45 How are suitable projects identified? 

16:53 How do Reef Credits complement BMP programs and industry extension services?

17:36 Can Reef Credits be retrospective?

19:45 What learnings from setting up this scheme can be applied to environmental markets more broadly? 

22:21 How do people get involved, and what happens after they make that first phone call?


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