Reef Assist Projects Benefits Jobs & Environment

In September 2020 the Queensland Government announced $4M of Reef Assist funding for environmental projects in the Wet Tropics to improve waterways and boost jobs.

The projects are being delivered by:

reef assist johnstone

Meeting some of the team working on the Johnstone Reef Assist project.

  1. Terrain NRM

    Terrain is auspicing $520,000 on behalf of Johnstone Landcare and Johnstone Rover Catchment Management Association, who will be planting 40,000 trees at riparian sites across three catchments.

This project will help stabilise riverbanks to minimise soil erosion during floods, intercept groundwater flowing off farm land and provide a wildlife corridor.


reef assist douglas shire

Ada Pasanen, Douglas Shire Council's Sustainability Officer, recently showed us some of the project sites.

2. Douglas Shire Council

Douglas Shire Council received $445,000 for a coastal rehabilitation project which will improve native vegetation at beaches around the Mossman and Port Douglas area to help build resilience to natural disasters and reduce runoff to the Great Barrier Reef.

Native vegetation plays an important role in stabilising shorelines against erosion and providing habitat for wildlife.


reef assist yarrabah

Ranger groups in Yarrabah will be undertaking weed management works.

3. Wet Tropics Management Authority

WTMA is auspicing funding for community groups and Aboriginal to tackle on-ground threatened species and climate resilience work in the Barron, Mulgrave and Johnstone river catchments.


4. Jaragun Pty Ltd:

Jaragun are undertaking a Reef Assist project to stabilise stream banks on Babinda Creek and McPaul Creek, protect wetlands and improve wildlife corridors that link Bellenden Ker Range, the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area and the Great Barrier Reef.


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