Season 3 Episode 2: Aaron Davis on Working with Canegrowers on Project 25

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Project 25 is a reef water quality in the Russell-Mulgrave Catchment. In this podcast, Aaron Davis (a senior scientist at James Cook University and TropWater) talks about the project and the work he has been doing with cane growers to provide paddock-scale water quality monitoring.

With so much scepticism amongst farmers about reef science, local scale monitoring is helping to engage them in understanding more about water quality by providing more locally relevant information that they can use to make practical decisions about land management. 

Project 25 has been delivered by the NESP Tropical Water Quality Hub and Canegrowers Cairns. Listen in to hear more about the project and what some of the key lessons have been in terms of engaging farmers in reef water quality.  

Podcast Timestamps

00:48 What is Project 25?   

02:49 What sort of information is it producing?   

05:10 How do the farmers use the information?  

07:12 What are the key lessons from this project?  



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