Episode 19: Suzette Argent on Bioreactor Trials in the Wet Tropics


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Suzette Argent is the Catchment Repair Officer working on the Wet Tropics Major Integrated Project. Part of her role is to trial different systems such as bioreactors, constructed wetlands and high efficiency sediment basins, as a way to reduce excess nitrogen flowing off farm paddocks. 

Podcast Timestamps

1:04 What is a bioreactor? 

4:35 How do bioreactors work? 

5:52 What are the challenges for bioreactors in the Wet Tropics compared to other regions?

7:23 Bed bioreactors vs. wall bioreactors

8:00 The practicalities of building the trial site 

9:19 Are there any preliminary indications?

10:40 What is the life expectancy of a bioreactor?    

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