Season 2 Episode 11: Michael Rasheed on Seagrass

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Seagrass is the unsung hero of the Great Barrier Reef. 

Covering a vast area bigger than the coral reef, seagrass meadows along the Wet Tropics coast provide important habitat for prawns and fish and act as a filter for nutrients and sediment. Seagrass is also important for carbon sequestration.  

TropWater's Dr Michael Rasheed is an expert in seagrass ecology and has been conducting research into tropical marine habitats for over 20 years.

In this podcast he discusses the many functions of seagrass in the Great Barrier Reef marine ecosystem and why it is a good indicator of waterway health. 


Podcast Timestamps

01:03 What is seagrass? 

[02:50 The role of seagrass on the Great Barrier Reef  

06:12 Why seagrass is a good indicator of waterway health  

07:16 Different species of seagrass  

10:10 Tracking seagrass health

12:22 Nutrients and seagrass



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