Prof. Steve Turton on the 2019 Wet Tropics Report Card

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Professor Steve Turton is the Chair of Wet Tropics Waterways. In this episode, the first of season 2 of the Reef and Rivers podcast, Steve talks about the key messages and findings from the 2019 Wet Tropics Report Card.  

Podcast Timestamps

2:00 The big picture findings from this year's Report Card 

3:48 The results for water quality 

5:08 The results for coral

06:00 The results for seagrass

06:55 Changes to this years indicators 

08:33 Factors that affect the grades 

11:33 The main risks to the Great Barrier Reef that are associated with waterway health 

14:30 Activities happening in the Wet Tropics to improve waterways inc. urban stewardship programs

17:07 An overview of Wet Tropics Waterways    

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More details on the 2019 Wet Tropics Report Card


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