Episode 4: Rod Marti On Sediment And Riparian Management

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Episode Description

In Episode 4 of "Reef and Rivers" we talk to Barron Catchment Care Coordinator Rod Marti about some of the issues faced in the upper Barron Basin.

Rod explains that historical urbanisation in some parts of the upper Barron Catchment has resulted in altered hydrology, with higher volumes and velocities of surface runoff than would have occurred under natural conditions. When this water reaches agricultural land down-slope of the urban development it can result in increased erosion and sediment transport, which is frequently blamed on the agricultural sector. Barron Catchment Care (BCC) is undertaking activities to slow the flow of water and reduces the potential for sediment transport to waterways.

A further activity that Barron Catchment Care has planned for 2019 is the promotion of Best Management Practices previously developed by BCC for mixed cropping farmers. Unlike major agricultural sectors such as cane and bananas, the mixed cropping sector is not represented by a peak body that can provide support and assistance for growers wanting to adopt sustainable practices. This is being addressed by Barron Catchment Care, with management of healthy riparian zones and sediment transport high on the list.

For more information please visit the Barron Catchment Care website or Facebook page.

Podcast Timestamps

0.46: About Barron Catchment Care
2.10: The importance of hydrological changes resulting from urban footprints and how they affect adjacent farms and waterways.
4.26: How Barron Catchment Care is helping farmers to manage water on their properties while making farming practices more sustainable.
6.07: What are the barriers to adoption of best practice on farms.
7.36: How have farming practices on the tablelands changed over the years?
09.35: What can urban communities do to help manage the issue of altered water flow from urban areas.
15.21: What does Barron Catchment Care have in the pipeline for 2019?
16.10: Best Management Practice for mixed crop farmers that aren't represented by peak bodies.
19.05: How to contact Barron Catchment Care or get involved in activities, field days etc.

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