Season 3 Episode 1: Gareth Phillips from Reef Teach & AMPTO

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Marine biologist Gareth Phillips is the CEO of AMPTO, the peak body that represents marine tourism operators and the owner of Reef Teach, an organisation that has been involved in marine education, research and conservation for 30 years. 

Through Reef Teach Gareth engages tourists in the reef with citizen science programs that teach them about reef ecology whilst enlisting their help in gathering data to help understand this complex ecosystem. 


Podcast Timestamps

02:07 What is Reef Teach?   

02:40 Using tourists to help gather data   

08:20 Reef citizen science programs  

10:40 How is the Great Barrier Reef doing and what can we do to help? (A perspective from someone who spends more time on the Reef than on land.     

14:38 Australia is leading the way on coral reef management    


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