Episode 2: Prof Steve Turton – 2018 Waterway Health Results

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Episode Description

In Episode 2 of "Reef and Rivers" Greg Vinall chats with the Independent Chairman of the Wet Tropics Healthy Waterways Partnership, Professor Steve Turton about the 2018 results and what they're telling us.

The 2018 Wet Tropics Report Card draws on data collected during the monitoring period from July 2016 to June 2017. This is the third consecutive data collection period that coincided with below average rainfall across the region and Greg and Steve talk about how this affects the Report Card scores for 2018 and how it bodes for the future of waterway health in the region.

Podcast Timestamps

01:00   What the Wet Tropics Report Card is, and why it's important.
02:50   How the Report Card will be used
05:45   The results for 2018
06:35   Marine indicators and results
08:30   The connection between land-use and crown of thorns starfish
09:35   The reason marine inshore scores are low in 2018
11:55   Expectations for the 2019 Wet Tropics Report Card
12:55   Effect of the 2018 major rainfall event on waterway health
15:05   On-ground actions in the region and the impact on waterway health
17:05   How to get involved with the Wet Tropics Healthy Waterways Partnership
17:45   How to get a Report Card or get in touch with us

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