Season 2 Episode 10: Leanne Carr on Farm Nutrient Planning

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Leanne Carr is a extension officer for the Wet Tropics Sugar Industry Partnership and works with cane growers in the Herbert catchment to develop customised nutrient management plans. This process is a science-based approach that helps them match fertiliser application to actual crop requirements to reduce the loss of excess nutrients into waterways. 

The cane industry in the Wet Tropics is under a lot of environmental pressure due to combination of intensive agriculture along our coastal plain, heavy rainfall, several short sharp rivers and the close proximity of the reef to our coast.

This podcast provides some insights into the complexities of farming and nutrient planning in Great Barrier Reef catchments and the work being done by farmers to reduce the runoff of nutrients. 


Podcast Timestamps

01:18 What is nutrient planning? 

04:00 Nutrient loss pathways 

05:20 Soil testing and understanding soil constraints 

06:13 How do farmers plan their nutrients? Does it change over time? 

09:00 How has use of fertilisers changed across the industry over the past 20 years? 

11:27 The investment by farmers to make changes for better water quality 

13:31 How has productivity changed over the past 20 years? 


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