Season 2 Episode 7: Alicia Buckle on the MIP’s Local Scale Monitoring Program

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local scale monitoring

Alicia Buckle is the Water Quality Leader on the Wet Tropics Major Integrated Project (MIP), an innovative reef water quality program in the Johnstone and Tully catchments. 

The MIP is bridging the gap between farmers and reef water quality science by providing locally relevant data that helps them understand the impact of their farming practices on water quality runoff.

In addition to feeding back the results from this local scale monitoring directly to farmers, they are also supported to explore solutions, whether it's changing farm practices or trialling catchment repair systems on their landscape. 

Integrating the science with placed-based customised solutions is a new approach to reef projects and could be a blueprint for future projects. 


Podcast Timestamps

00:50 What is local scale monitoring? 

03:22 How this project differs from other water quality projects in terms of water quality monitoring - community involvement  

05:30 Addressing the different comfort levels with sharing of data   

06:37 Investing and involving the community  

08:15 How and when the results are communicated. 

13:00 Ensuring the data is rigorous 

15:00 Outcomes and results so far


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