Episode 7: Jen Mackenzie Talks Sediment And Erosion Management In The Herbert & Johnstone Basins

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Jen Mackenzie is the Sediment Reduction Program Leader with Terrain NRM and has been leading a sediment reduction program in the Herbert Basin since 2017. More recently, a similar project has commenced in the Upper Johnstone Basin, focused largely on managing sheet erosion from grazing properties.

The Herbert project involves the use of rock chutes and physical measures to stabilise gullies, followed by rehabilitation with grasses (pasture) and trees and the implementation of fencing, off-stream watering and other property management options. External experts assist with workshops to develop whole of property plans that enhance pasture coverage and health and simultaneously reduce sediment

The Upper Johnstone programs is similar to the Herbert but more focussed on sheet erosion, due to the characteristics of the soils, landuse and rainfall patterns in the Johnstone. The six key elements of the two projects is similar (ie engineering, fencing, offstream watering, revegetation, weed management and pasture management), but will be more customised to the conditions and challenges of the Upper Johnstone Basin.

These projects complement the works being undertaken lower in the catchment under the Major Integrated Project (MIP).   

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