Episode 8: Holloways Beach Environmental Education Centre

In Episode 8 of Reef and Rivers, we talk to Terri Mulqueen, one of the teachers at the Holloways Beach Environmental Education Centre (HBEEC).

HBEEC is a Queensland Department of Education facility nestled between the mangrove lined estuary of Thomatis Creek and picturesque Holloways beach, just a few kilometres north of Cairns.

Each year the centre provides around 3000 primary and secondary students from around the Wet Tropics Region with the opportunity to step outside the classroom and get involved with applied environmental science. 

Equipped with boats, aquaria and a range of environmental monitoring and assessment equipment, HBEEC encourages students to contribute to citizen science through mangrove monitoring, crab tagging, water quality and ecological assessments. 

Of particular interest to the partnership are plans for students at HBEEC to develop their own waterway health report card for Thomatis Creek in 2019. The Wet Tropics Healthy Waterways Partnership is exploring ways to integrate the citizen science data collected at the HBEEC into the assessment of local waterways and the communications from the partnership.

Podcast Timestamps

 1.32 What kinds of activities are students at HBEEC involved in?

 4.08 Tell us about the waterway health activities students are doing on Thomatis Creek.

 6.33 The student waterway health report card project for Thomatis Creek in 2019.

7.43 The importance of contributing to citizen science.

9.30 How can kids get involved in activities at the HBEEC? 

 10.48 How can people get in touch with the Holloways Beach Environmental Education Centre?

Contacts, Links & Resources

Holloways Beach Environmental Education Centre Website

Email Terri Mulqueen (txmul1@eq.edu.au)

Holloways Beach EEC on Facebook

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