Episode 17: CAFNEC President Denis Walls

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The Cairns And Far North Environment Centre (CAFNEC) is the peak environmental body for Far North Queensland, with 300 members and around 3000 email recipients. CAFNEC gets involved with a range of environmental issues over a large tract of North Queensland, with the Wet Tropics being part of that area.

CAFNEC's main activities include:

  • Advocacy on environmental matters of all types
  • Educational and awareness activities through schools, community groups and other organisations.
  • Campaigning on environmental issues of concern to the Far North Queensland area.

CAFNEC is also engaged in programs such as "Boomerang Bags", drains stenciling, aimed at engaging the community, increasing the awareness of environmental issues, improving networks and ultimately achieving environmental outcomes.

Mangrove Watch is a citizen science program that is supported by CAFNEC and partner organisations and is playing an important role in filling knowledge gaps and addressing a key indicator and facilitator of waterway health.

CAFNEC is poised to play a key role in addressing the emerging issues for the Wet Tropics region, which includes potential loss of biodiversity and the need to expand the World Heritage area to better protect at risk flora and fauna.

Podcast Timestamps

1:09 What is CAFNEC, where do you operate and who are the members?

2:18 What activities does CAFNEC get involved in.

3:22 An overview of some projects CAFNEC is working on in 2019

5:55 Citizen science projects (eg Mangrove Watch).

9.44 How CAFNEC supports citizen science.

12:11 The environmental challenges ahead for the Wet Tropics region.

20:04 Getting in touch with CAFNEC.

Contacts, Links & ResourcesE

Visit The CAFNEC Website

Email CAFNEC here.

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