Episode 16: David Hardwick Explains How Good Soil Health Benefits Waterways

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Agro-Ecologist David Hardwick has been working in the farming and food industry for over 20 years. As an expert on soils, agronomy and organics he has been working with many farmers throughout the Wet Tropics to build knowledge and skills about soil as a farm business asset.

Besides being important for farm productivity, good soil health also has important benefits for waterway health. In this episode, David explains the connection between soil and water and what programs are taking place across the region to improve soil health in the Wet Tropics.

Podcast Timestamps

00:47 What is an Agro-Ecologist?

01:24 What is the link between soil health and waterway health?

02:00 Why is soil health such a focus in the Wet Tropics?

04:45 How David works with farmers and what they can do to improve soil health.

7.44 Trialling living mulch in the banana industry.

9.45 The implications of better soil health for fertiliser use.

13.20 The costs to farmers of changing farming practices and some of the barriers to change.

Contacts, Links & ResourcesE

Digging Deeper Plus program - https://terrain.org.au/projects/digging-deeper/

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