Episode 12: Tablelands Regional Council Talk Waterway Health

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The Atherton Tablelands contains the headwaters for a number of significant Wet Tropics river systems, including the Herbert, Tully, Murray, Johnstone and Barron rivers.

The tablelands has a growing urban and rural population and boasts extensive agriculture including cane, bananas, numerous other fruit and vegetable cropping businesses and grazing properties. The region also attracts a growing number of tourists each year.

In this Episode, Tablelands Regional Council (TRC) mayor Joe Paronella explains the work that council does to balance the social and economic interests of the region with the environmental outcomes expected of a "Reef Guardian" council.

Podcast Timestamps

00:53 Mayor Paronella's view of the importance of TRC as the "Drain of the Wet Tropics".

02:33 The waterway health challenges ahead for TRC in 2019.

04:06 Wastewater management in the Tablelands regions and the program to improve water quality.

05:14 How the councils within the Wet tropics regions (and beyond) work together on environmental issues through the Regional Organisation of Councils.

7:50 Managing the loss of sediments and nutrients flowing from urban developments in the TRC municipality.

10:28 Joe talks about council's involvement in the Gillies Plains litter management project.

11:38 We explore some of TRC's other activities that benefit waterway health, such as the Malanda Native Plant Nursery.

12:50 Joe explains council's initiatives to improve water management on the Tablelands for future generations.

Contacts, Links & Resources

Email Mayor Joe Paronella

Tablelands Regional Council Website

Barron Catchment Care

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