Episode 11: CAREFISH founder Paul Aubin talks about sustainable fishing in the Wet Tropics

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CAREFISH is the peak body representing the recreational fishing industry in Far North Queensland.

In this episode Paul Aubin talks about the organisation's successful lobbying to promote sustainable fishing and to protect the fish nursery areas and recreational fishing opportunities in Trinity Inlet and the surrounding area.

These efforts have resulted in the area being declared a "Net Free Zone", where the use of commercial gill nets and seine nets is prohibited. Anecdotally, this has resulted in the return of breeding populations of apex predatory fish, such as barramundi, which are starting to return to the numbers historically believed to have occurred in the area.

The spinoff to the recovery of fish populations is increased recreational amenity. It is expected that in future years this will result in local economic growth due to an influx of fishing tourists, as has been experienced in Darwin and Rockhampton as a result of similar Net Free Zones.

Cairns Regional Council has recognised this potential and has developed a recreational fishing strategy for the city in consultation with stakeholders including CAREFISH.

Podcast Timestamps

00:40 About CAREFISH and what they do.

02:47 The development and implementation of the Trinity Inlet "Net Free Zone".

03.45 How sub-catchments were prioritised

05:50 Early anecdotal evidence of the benefits of the Net Free Zone

9:50 CAREFISH involvement in the development of a recreational fishing strategy for Cairns

14:53 Inputs into the Reef 2050 review and the push for climate change to be included

19:14 Paul demonstrates that you don't need to be a politician, scientist or manager to influence aspects of environmental management

21:54 Getting involved with CAREFISH

Contacts, Links & Resources

Email Paul Aubin

Cairns Regional Council Recreational Fishing Strategy

Trinity Bay Net Free Zone

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