Episode 10: Vanessa Drysdale Talks About Stabilising Streambanks in the Mossman

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Flooding in the Mossman Catchment caused substantial damage to river banks during March 2018. Growers lost land and the river system and inshore reef areas were subjected to heavy sediment loads.

However, stretches of stream bank that had vegetative cover or had previously been stabilised with rock sustained minimal damage.

These observations led to development of the Mossman Integrated Catchment Repair project, which aims to stabilise streambanks within the Mossman Basin. The project focuses on the Cassowary and Saltwater sub-catchments, which were selected for the potential to repair their entire reaches and will be stabilised using both soft (vegetative) and hard (engineered) options.

Vanessa Drysdale from Terrain NRM joins us on the Reef and Rivers Podcast to explain the project and it's goals in more detail.

Podcast Timestamps

00.50 Overview of the project and what its goals are

01.38 Background to the project and how it came about

03.45 How sub-catchments were prioritised

07.40 What works are currently being undertaken

9.08 Importance of collaboration and getting different members of the community involved

11.48 Community events and workshops

Contacts, Links & Resources

Email Vanessa Drysdale (vanessa.drysdale@terrain.org.au)

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