Season 2 Episode 12: Matt Brien on Crocodiles

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Sometimes controversial, always fascinating, crocodiles are very much a feature of living in the Wet Tropics and something to be wary of when near the water's edge.

There are two species in the Wet Tropics - timid freshwater crocs and the might saltie. In this podcast we find out some interesting facts about saltwater crocodiles, what their range is, whether it's true that they continue to grow throughout their lifetimes and what role they play in our waterway ecosystems.

Our podcast interviewee is Matt Brien, Program Coordinator for Northern Wildlife Operations at the Queensland Department of Environment and Science.  


Podcast Timestamps

02:12 The species of crocodile found in Queensland and their differences  

[05:00 The range of saltwater crocodiles and where you can find them  

06:30 Some interesting facts about saltwater crocodiles   

12:05 Growth of crocodiles - is it true that they keep on growing throughout their lives?   

14:00 The statistics for crocodile attacks  

20:56 Role and importance of crocodiles in the ecosystem 




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