Episode 3: Bess Murphy (CAFNEC) Mangrove Watch In FNQ

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Episode Description

In Episode 3 of "Reef and Rivers" we talk to Bess Murphy from CAFNEC about the importance of mangroves and how the wet tropics community is helping scientists to gather vital data about the health of these systems.

Waterways of the wet tropics region boasts some of the most diverse mangrove systems in Australia. These communities are vital to the health of our waterways, filtering sediments and other contaminants from surface runoff, sequestering carbon, trapping nutrients and protecting the coastline from storm surges.

Despite this vital role, the wet tropics has lagged behind other parts of Australia when it comes to monitoring both current condition and long-term trends in the health of our mangrove systems. CAFNEC was been at the forefront in establishing a mangrove monitoring program for Trinity Inlet and the Barron River and in supporting other citizen science organisations interested in mangrove health.

Like other Mangrove Watch programs around Australia, the Cairns chapter relies on volunteers and citizen scientists to undertake monitoring, with scientists from Tropwater assisting with the processing and interpretation of data.

More information on the Cairns Mangrove Watch program is available by visiting the CAFNEC website.

Note: As a citizen science program, Mangrove Watch has been supported financially by State Government and Cairns Regional Council funding. CAFNEC is currently seeking to secure further funding to ensure that the mangrove watch program will continue into the future. Local businesses and philanthropists who are interested in supporting this program should contact Bess Murphy at CAFNEC for more information.

Podcast Timestamps

1.38: Why are mangrove systems important to our waterways?
3.37: What are the adaptations that mangroves use to survive in estuarine systems?
5.25: Find out about the Wet Tropics mangrove communities - how are they different?
6.11: How does our monitoring of mangrove health in the wet tropics stack up?
9.08: Who is responsible for mangrove monitoring in the Wet Tropics region and elsewhere?
10.25: What is mangrove watch all about?
11.10:   How is mangrove watch monitoring done?
13.29: Who funds the mangrove watch program?
14.26: How can everyday people get involved in Mangrove watch?
15.59: What can we as community members do to help protect mangrove communities?

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