Season 2 Episode 13: Travis Sydes on Aquatic Weeds

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Conditions in the Wet Tropics are perfect for weeds so our region is particularly vulnerable to the spread of aquatic weeds that choke and clog our waterways. 

Travis Sydes is the Regional Asset Manager and Sustainability Coordinator for FNQROC. He helped develop the weed indicator for the Report Card.

As something of a weed expert we decided to catch up with Travis to find out more about how aquatic weeds are introduced, why they're a problem and what we can do about it.  



Podcast Timestamps

01:00 What is FNQROC?   

02:18 Why are aquatic weeds a problem for Wet Tropics Waterways?  

03:57 How long have they been a problem and how did they get into our waterways?    

07:12 What species should we be aware of?    

11:00 What are the options for managing aquatic weeds?   

15:45 What is the advice for aquarium owners?  



  • Contact your local council's biosecurity team or community or catchment groups
  • Biosecurity Queenland
  • Terrain NRM's Wetlands Weeds Handbook
  • Weeds Australia
  • Weedspotters

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