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Podcast: Tracking bull sharks


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I’m using genetics to see if I can link the juveniles I’m catching back to the big females we’re tracking off the coast, and show that bull sharks are exhibiting natal philopatry.

Bullsharks have a reputation as strong, aggressive sharks and are one of the most common species that anglers are likely to encounter in the estuaries and inshore marine zone.

Nicolas Lubitz is a Ph.D candidate at James Cook University. He tracks bullsharks and is interested in where they travel and why. Considering that Nico had such a fear of sharks when he was a kid that he couldn’t even swim in the local pool, it might seem odd that he went on to study them – but Nicolas says fascination won out.

Nicolas joins us to talk about the unique life cycles of bull sharks, whether they might be exhibiting natal philopatry, and what climate change means for their habitat range.

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