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Podcast: Major Integrated Project a blueprint for change.


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There’s been a big change in attitudes towards water quality monitoring in a positive way. Much more than the industry thought they would at the start of the project.

The Wet Tropics Major Integrated Project was an ambitious 4-year social change and reef water quality project. It’s been described as a blueprint to accelerating progress towards achieving reef water quality targets.

The project had unprecedented engagement from the agricultural sector and resulted in 23,966 of hectares of land under confirmed practice change, and saved an estimated 73 tonnes of dissolved inorganic nitrogen from flowing to the reef.

Fiona George was the project lead and re-joins us to talk about the project’s achievements, it’s point of difference, and the legacy it left behind.

The project was a finalist in the 2022 Banksia National Sustainability Awards, Agriculture & Regional Development category.

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