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Podcast: The role of aquariums in conservation education.


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Aquariums play an important role in educating the community about conservation issues

If you’ve visited the Cairns Aquarium you’ll know that biodiversity and conservation education are a driving force behind their business model. In fact, raising awareness about the biodiversity in our world heritage-listed reef and rainforest underpins their entire philosophy.

With over 300,000 visitors annually, the Aquarium is in a unique position to educate and influence. By providing an outdoor nature experience, inside, the Aquarium enables broader access to our natural wonders and takes up the much anthologised idea that educating for understanding is the building block for promoting conservation.

Christine Jorgensen is a senior wildlife educator at the Aquarium and joins us to talk about the role that the aquarium has to play in conservation in the Wet Tropics and beyond.

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