PNQ Pioneers the Way on Reef Partnership

Pioneer North Queensland (PNQ) is demonstrating its commitment to the Wet Tropics Healthy Waterways Partnership (WTHWP) by emblazoning its trucks with images of the region’s waterways.

As the largest producer of quarry, sand, concrete, bitumen and asphalt products for the building industry in Cairns, PNQ operates within strict environmental policies that limit and control any disturbances to the natural environment.

However their commitment to environmental initiatives is about much more than compliance. PNQ prides itself on serving and giving back to the local community and believes it has a responsibility to keep the land and sea as clean as possible.

Supporting the Wet Tropics Healthy Waterways Partnership seemed like a natural fit and PNQ was the first commercial business to join the Partnership (it has now been joined by Prime Constructions).

PNQ’s Sales Manager Evan Walters says that many of their staff have been with them for 20-30 years and are longstanding residents who, like most people, choose to live here because of the region's natural beauty.

“We wanted to showcase our unique landscapes and show publicly that we are committed to our local environment. What better way to do it than projecting these images on our trucks! We hope it will help connect people to the environment and make them feel proud enough to want to protect it,” he said.

"We are supporting this Partnership because we really hope its mission is achieved. Our waterways are a vital resource for continued economic growth. Bringing about awareness and education to the wider community and all stakeholders involved is the best and most powerful tool against any future pollution or destruction of the Far North area and its waterways."


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