Tree planting

Planting trees back into the landscape is important for waterway health. Tree roots protect soils from erosion by holding the soil together and leafy canopies protect the soil surface from the disruptive impacts of driving rains. The result is less sediment running into nearby waterways.

Trees also help to recharge deep ground waters by allowing water to travel along the channels created by their roots throughout the soil. Tree roots also prevent excess nutrients from flowing into creeks from fertilised crops and animal farming.

In 2015-2016, more than 20 community groups, councils and organisations in the Wet Tropics dedicated a huge number of hours and other resources towards growing and replanting over 200,000 trees. These include:

  • Trinity Inlet Catchment Management Association – 20,000
  • Douglas Shire Council – 10,200
  • Cassowary Coast Regional Council – 15,000
  • Cairns Regional Council – 18,600
  • Tablelands Regional Council – 27,800
  • Mulgrave Landcare – 10,000