Recreational and commercial fishers harvest many types of fish from the tropical waters off the coast of the Wet Tropics and it is important to ensure that each of these species is being fished sustainably.

To achieve this, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority has created green zones where fishing is not allowed. This provides refuges where fish can breed without being disturbed, which will then eventually enable adjacent blue fishing zones to be restocked. For more information about fishing zones go to:

To investigate whether the fish taken from our waters are fished sustainably, recreational fishers are contributing data to the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. This data is collected from voluntary “boat-ramp surveys” by locals, recordings of catch numbers and measurements by commercial fishers and age, size and sex data taken by fish processors.

Analysis of this data indicates that no species is currently being over-fished.

For more information see the Queensland Government’s Sustainable Fisheries – Monitoring and Research Plan 2017-2018