Waterway management - everyone's business

Our regional industries recognise their role in stewardship - the responsible use and protection of the natural environment through sustainable practices and conservation. Many individual businesses and landholders have adopted innovative management efforts well above those required by legislation or recommended in current management practice guidelines for maintenance of waterway health.


agricultural stewardship

Other industry

Other industries such as ports, tourism, urban, aquaculture, fishing and heavy industry also contribute to water quality and have a role to play in enhancing waterway health.

These sectors are represented on the partnership and a lot of excellent work is already being undertaken to minimise their influence on water quality.

A stewardship framework for measuring their efforts is being refined and results are not yet available for this Pilot Report Card but will be included in future report cards.

More information

For more information about stewardship in our region please refer to the document below:

cover-stewardshipDownload Stewardship Document