2021 Report Card: Fish Monitoring Scaled Up

Fish populations have been graded “good to very good” in most freshwater systems across the Far North, a new report into waterway health has revealed. Released today, the annual Wet Tropics Waterway Health Report Card includes comprehensive data for the first time on fish populations and diversity. Wet Tropics Waterways Chair Professor Steve Turton said…
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New Bioreactor Guidelines Released

Following 15 bioreactor trials, the Queensland Government (DAF) has released new guidelines that collate and synthesize the data about using denitrifying bioreactors to improve water quality runoff from farms. Bioreactors are woodchip filled trenches that intercept and treat nitrate in surface run-off or shallow ground water on farms. The guidelines will help land managers and…
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Season 3 Episode 6: Environmental Responsibility in the Shipping Lane

Ports North is responsible for the development and management of the 9 far norther Ports. Manager of Sustainability and External Policy, Paul Doyle, joins the podcast to talk about port operations in the Wet Tropics, the Cairns shipping dredging project, and recent work on their environmental sustainability strategy.
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