Season 3 Episode 3: Lynne Powell On The Urban Footprint On Water Quality

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We hear a lot about agricultural run-off, but what about urban contributions - and what can we do about them?

Dr Lynne Powell is Strategic Policy and Compliance Coordinator for Water and Waste Recovery at Cairns Regional Council.

We catch up with Dr Powell to discuss the Saltwater Creek Project to learn about the activities at an urban level that are contributing nutrient and microbial loads to the Reef lagoon.

Podcast Timestamps

01:15 What is the Saltwater Creek Project?

05:50 How available is the kind of monitoring technology used?

07:30 How are the huge amounts of data analysis managed?

08:25 What is the data telling us so far?

09:45 Where do nutrients come from in urban catchments?

13:30 Is wet weather overflow typical?

14:05 Does pet poo contribute to nutrient and microbial loads?

15:20 How are learnings from the saltwater creek project being applied across other regions?

16:30 What are the next steps once there is baseline data?


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