Season 2 Episode 9: Matt Moore on Improving Fish Barriers

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Fish barriers are one of the indicators of the Wet Tropics Report Card since man-made constructions such as causeways affect the connectivity of habitats and the ability of fish to migrate during spawning and other life stages. 

In this podcast we discuss the importance of connecting estuaries to wetlands. Matt Moore from Catchment Solutions is involved in projects that help are identifying fish barriers and prioritising fishway improvement projects. 

Fish ladders and other solutions are being implemented to assist the movement of fish around our waterways but there is still a lot of work to be done in the Wet Tropics, despite the fact that our region has significant fish diversity and a number of species only found in this part of the world. 


Podcast Timestamps

01:0 Role of 'snags' in waterways 

01:50 The importance of connecting estuaries and wetlands   

03:32 Fish migration and need for resting areas   

08:30 Impact of barriers on fish life    

09:45 Fish diversity in the Wet Tropics   

11:30 How changes to wetlands affect their function as a habitat for fish   

14:41 The process for identifying and rectifying barriers  

20:55 How does rectifying barriers affect pest fish such as tilapia?    


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