Season 2 Episode 8: The Evolution of Environmental Report Cards

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Bill Dennison and Simon Costanza from the University of Maryland have been involved in the development of environmental report cards since the very first one was done in Brisbane.

Since then, the process has been adopted in several countries around the world as a way to measure environmental condition and catalyse the community to take management actions to improve it.

After more than 20 years, they have seen how the report card development process has evolved and what it takes to make it a meaningful community tool that brings about change.


Podcast Timestamps

00:48 History of environmental report cards and how they spread around the world  

05:46 The importance of stakeholder co-design

07:10 How report cards are used around the world and some of the typical outcomes

11:07 Importance of government transparency and accountability

08:15 Overcoming "report card fatigue" and maintaining interest  

16:25 Balancing the community need for simple big picture information with science's need for technical detail

20:00 Catalysing the conversation to what we can do about environmental condition


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