Episode 15: Heidi Taylor Explains the Impact of Marine Debris

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Heidi Taylor is the Managing Director of Tangaroa Blue, a not for profit organisation involved in the clean up and cataloguing of marine debris from our coastlines, as well as educational campaigns regarding plastic waste management and minimisation.

In this episode of Reef and Rivers, Heidi describes the scale of the marine debris problem, the impacts on our environment and the activities undertaken by Tangaroa Blue to address these issues.

Central to this strategy is Heidi's philosophy of recording the waste collected and where possible identifying the sources so that we can better target our management strategies to the sources.

Podcast Timestamps

01:10 Why marine debris is such a concern.

02:38 Plastic waste - where it comes from and where it ends up.

05:30 What volume of waste is collected from clean ups.

9.00 Recording waste in the Australian Marine Database Initiative

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  1. Marine plastic debris needs to be addressed throughout the entire chain of its existence, from the exploration for, and extraction of, fossil fuels, through its applications and disposal. So long as it is more economical to produce 'virgin' plastic than it is to recycle and re-use existing plastic there will be issues with the plastic waste stream entering the world's waterways.

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