Season 3 Episode 4: Cathy Retter from Kuranda Envirocare

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Kuranda Envirocare is a small group doing big things! Operating across a region that is home to some very special rainforest plants and animals, the group have been repairing and protecting biodiversity for 20 years. 

Group president, Cathy Retter, takes us on a trip down memory lane and explains how Kuranda Envirocare came into existence.

Tune in to hear about the group's current focus, and how citizen science is helping to keep an eye on the critically endangered Kuranda Treefrog. 

Podcast Timestamps

00:35 An overview of Kuranda Envirocare 

03:55 Why the Kuranda Treefrog is critically endangered

07:40 Frogs are excellent indicators of water quality and rainforest health

08:45 Frog monitoring – how it works and what it entails

10:55 How to get involved in frog monitoring (any why you shouldn't touch them!)

11:50 Wet Tropics frogs are at risk of Chytrid fungus

13:00 Other activities and landcare projects that Kuranda Envirocare is involved in


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