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Episode 3: Bess Murphy (CAFNEC) Mangrove Watch In FNQ

In Episode 3 of "Reef & Rivers" Bess Murphy from CAFNEC talks about the mangrove communities of the wet tropics region. Bess explains how important these communities are and how citizen scientists in the Mangrove Watch program are monitoring the health and trends in mangrove communities.
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Episode 2: Prof Steve Turton – 2018 Waterway Health Results

In Episode 2 of "Reef & Rivers" Steve Turton, the Independent Chairman of the Wet Tropics Healthy Waterways Partnership talks about waterway health in the 2016-17 reporting period. Steve discusses the good results reported in our freshwater systems and explains the lower scores recorded in the inshore marine environments.
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Episode 1: Reef And Rivers Podcast Series

"Reef and Rivers" is a weekly podcast series that examines and showcases the activities and initiatives of the Wet Tropics Healthy Waterways Partnership in addressing the key waterway health issues across the region. In this episode Partnership Manager Greg Vinall explains why the podcast was created and what to expect from future episodes.
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