Partnering for
healthy waterways
and vibrant communities.

Healthy waterways underpin our lifestyles and livelihoods. When waterways thrive, so do we.

who we are

We are a regionally-based partnership motivated by a shared vision of improving the health of our waterways and the quality of water flowing to the Great Barrier Reef.

Our partnership includes industry, business, community organisations, research institutions and all levels of government.

what we do.

We bring together people, knowledge and data so that our region has a more complete picture of waterway health.

We communicate waterway issues and celebrate waterway stewardship so that our community is informed and mobilised.

We prioritise management actions, together, for a bigger collective impact.






km of waterways

how healthy are
our waterways?

The Wet Tropics Waterway Health Report Card assesses the condition of nine catchments and eight estuaries as well as the inshore marine and offshore marine zones.

recent news

2024 Wet Tropics Waterway Health Report Card.

Most waterways continue to be graded as 'good' in 2024 with the positive impact of constructed fishways highlighted.
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How to dispose of unwanted fish

The best ways to get rid of aquarium or pond fish responsibly.
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barramundi bioreactors

Barra Bioreactors

Woodchip bioreactors are being trialled on barramundi farms in in FNQ.
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